Tummy Massage How-To

baby tummy massage

Babies often suffer from abdominal issues such as gas pains and constipation. You should talk to your baby’s doctor for recommended dietary changes or medication to help these issues, but you may also want to try abdominal massage. This massage technique has worked for many parents, but even if it doesn’t work for your baby, it can’t hurt and you spent some time bonding with him. It’s a win no matter what!

This tried-and-true method has relieved many an ailing infant and their frazzled parents. All you need for this remedy is your baby and a baby-safe oil or lotion.

To get started, rub your oil or lotion between your palms to warm it.

Place your hand over baby’s belly button (don’t do this if baby still has his umbilical cord attached!) and with light pressure, start to massage in a clockwise motion. Continue to do this for about a minute.

Now, alternate between moving your baby’s legs in a pedaling motion (known as “bicycle legs”) and gently bringing his legs up to his stomach. The light pressure may help him to pass the gas that is causing him so much discomfort.

This technique can be performed any time your baby is having tummy discomfort. You may even find that he grows to enjoy it more the more you do it. Babies love routines! Check out our more in-depth post about infant massage for info and recommendations.