Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

Transition Baby From Swaddling With Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

About an hour after our son was born, while he was shaking and screaming in his hospital bassinet, we were told he had what is known as an “exaggerated startle reflex.” We didn’t think much of it then, but this single thing about our baby has been the cause of a good portion of our sleep drama.

So, if your baby is like ours, you may feel like swaddling has saved your life, or at the very least, your sleep and sanity. Being wrapped up tight like a little baby burrito is the only way our high needs guy has ever been able to sleep alone.

Unfortunately, if your baby is like ours, you are also worrying about what to do when your baby outgrows his swaddle. You may even be extending swaddling past the age you should be. (Please don’t do this! The American Association of Pediatrics recommends parents stop swaddling once their baby begins to try to roll over on his own. This age will vary depending on the child, so be on the lookout for this behavior in your baby.)

During this transitional time, you may be scrambling (excuse the dramatics, but tell me it isn’t accurate) to find a solution that doesn’t involve being up all night. Enter the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit.

Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit

The Magic Sleepsuit, created by a VERY tired Pediatric Physical Therapist and mom of four to handle her own baby’s sleep issues, makes the aforementioned startle reflex that causes babies to wake up over and over not quite as exaggerated. So, when these movements happen, baby can stay asleep instead of smacking or scratching himself in the face.

The Magic Sleepsuit is intended to be used along with the ABCs of Safe Sleep guidelines from the AAP. Baby should sleep ALONE, on his BACK and in a CRIB. The Magic Sleepsuit is available in two sizes, one for baby 3-6 months or 12-18 lbs  and another for babies 6-9 months or 18-21 lbs. (Pay attention to the weight guidelines, because our giant beast baby is already too heavy at 5 months, which is an absolute BUMMER). Once babies begin to try to roll over while in the Magic Sleepsuit, it is time to transition them out of the suit and into sleeping on their own, as this is a sign that they are ready.

Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

Another thing, when you see this precious snowsuit-looking miracle, you may think that your child will overheat in it. This is not the case, as the suit, which is available not only in a soft microfleece, but also in a cooler cotton (both lined in the same soft jersey material), leaves baby’s head, feet and hands exposed. That, along with having their arms and legs separate (which you don’t get with swaddling) ensures that baby is able to regulate body temperature naturally. If you think baby will be too warm, even in the original cotton version, you can put him in the Magic Sleepsuit in a lightweight onesie or even just his diaper. Believe me, I live in the south, I get it. It’s hot ’round here! Make sure that the temperature in the room your baby sleeps is appropriate for him, which is generally what would be comfortable for an adult in one light layer of clothing.

The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit is a family owned and operated company, which we love, and has been through extensive testing by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in product testing. The price point on this product is around $40, which is comparable to some of the better swaddling products out there.

Check out this video demonstration of the Magic Sleepsuit by Baby Gizmo to see how easy it is to use and how comfy it is for baby!

If you already use the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit and you love it, which I’m sure you do, go over and vote for it as the Must-Have Baby Sleep Helper category in the What To Expect Mom Must-Have Awards. if you have other products you love, or want to discover new ones, there are several other categories you can cast your vote on in the contest.

Transitioning Baby From Swaddling With Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit
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Transitioning Baby From Swaddling With Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit
How the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit can help transition your baby from a swaddle to sleeping on his own.
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