crying baby

What is colic and is there anything you can do about it?

crying baby

Having a new baby comes with so many new emotions and responsibilities. New parents, and even seasoned pros, have a new set of life-changing obligations. Feeding, changing, bathing and just generally caring for your new baby can be a challenge in itself, but some babies are a bit more challenging.

If you have noticed that your baby cries more than you may have expected, whether you are going on experiences with previous children or just what you’ve seen from other parents’ children, you may have expressed your concern to friends and family. You may have been told, “he’s probably got colic.” This usually comes with a “good luck” and a bit of a cringe from the well-meaning friend or family member who has been in your place. But what exactly is colic?

Colic is defined as crying episodes in babies of more than three hours a day, more than three days a week, for more than three weeks in a baby who is otherwise healthy. It is estimated that 10-40 percent of babies experience colic. A visit to your doctor may confirm this, but there’s not much advice given to parents of “colicky” babies. Usually just “wait for it to pass.”

As a parent of a so-called “colicky” baby, I can relate to how frustrating this suggestion is. Our son cried constantly during every waking hour seemingly from birth on. We went through a formula change with the doctor and then were told we would just need to wait it out. We didn’t accept that answer. The crying got to be too much and I couldn’t stand to see my baby in obvious pain and just accept that there was nothing that could be done. We found the cause of our baby’s crying and it changed our lives. We hope to help you do the same.

This website is a collection of the knowledge and suggestions on things that you can do to help your baby. Not everything you try will work, and some things will work just a little, but when combined, can make a world of difference. Different methods and products work for different babies and different parents swear by different methods.

You may never figure out why your baby cries so much, and may just have to “wait for it to pass,” but stick around and we’ll guide you to methods and products that have worked for other parents, and may just work for you.

Here’s to enjoying your time with your new baby!